Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina, Greece
Alpha Bank SA
Services Provided
Project Monitoring
Marine Development

We are providing project monitoring services to the Alimos Marina re-development, one of the largest marinas in Greece.

This seafront mixed-use scheme pertains the strategic upscale and renovation of the seaside areas of the Alimos Marina to develop 18,500 sq.m. of modern building infrastructure to house restaurants, coffee shops, government and retail offices, commercial stores, recreational activities and a hotel.

The marina of Alimos is amongst the biggest in the Eastern Mediterranean with an area of approximately 428,000 sq.m., including the berthing basin with a total surface of 240,000 sq.m.

The renovation of the seaside areas of the Alimos Marina, include the reinforcement and shielding of the windward and leeward breakwater, renovation works of the superstructure and coatings of the pontoons and the breakwater, construction of a floating fuel dock and a boat slipway dock, construction and installation of floating pontoons, installation of new service pillars, maintenance of existing and installation of new remezza and upgrade of existing and installation of new electrical/mechanical installations.