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Whatever your view of the physical or commercial landscapes, the main sources of investment to enable development or change of either are Public Private Partnership (PPP) derivatives. They may well be the established routes to procuring public sector projects, but, in the challenging economic climate of the 21st century, innovative funding pathways are key.

Success requires a complexity of skills and a detailed working knowledge of practice and procedure that McBains can readily provide. In effect, it means we can look over the horizon and assess and advise on not just the likely project outcome, but the funding solution too. This can only be achieved with a truly interdisciplinary approach, involving holistic capability driving both strategy and delivery.

McBains offers a complete consultancy and technical advisory service to organisations undertaking projects through the Private Finance Initiative PPP’s, Non-Profit Distributing Organisations, Local Improvement Finance Trusts Concessions and Building Schools for the Future. Acting on behalf of private sector developers, public sector authorities and financiers, McBains Cooper Hellas provides interdisciplinary solutions or a tailored service, depending on the scheme, consortia and client requirements.

The company has considerable practical experience of advising the provider and procurer in evolving partnering strategies; running and responding to bidding processes, as well as actual implementation, delivery and aftercare.

Conducting projects and consultancy services across a variety of sectors throughout the UK and Europe, our teams provide specialist knowledge, professionalism and niche expertise.

Within the PPP marketplace, to both the public and private sector, McBains offers the following independent or collective services:

  • Technical Advice to the Procuring Authority
  • Technical Advice to the Lenders
  • Technical Advice to Support Legal Advisors
  • Key Performance Indicators & Payment Mechanisms
  • Facilities Management Consultancy
  • Bid Management
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Due Diligence
  • Full Design Services (UK)
  • Independent Certification
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Procurement Advice
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Sustainability and Energy

McBains’ interdisciplinary approach and experience in various PPP sectors provides a unique ability to deliver professional and specialised PPP services under one umbrella; optimising design, cost, programme and value for money. In-house expertise and our depth of resources has created the ability to meet demanding timescales and deadlines throughout the PPP process.

Our range of sector experience in Public Private Partnerships includes:

  • Education (Schools & Colleges)
  • Health (Primary & Hospitals)
  • Infrastructure (Street Lighting, Roads, Rail & Waste)
  • Judicial (Prisons, Police & Law Courts)
  • Municipal Facilities (Libraries & Offices)
  • Residential (University Accommodation, Social & Defence Housing)

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