Sustainability Green Tower

We may see a beautiful world – whether it is green, blue or shimmering glass and stainless steel – but it is currently an unsustainable world. McBains plays a vital role in changing that for the better.

We are part of a generation of businesses righting the wrongs of decades of environmental abuse, but also developing, planning and protecting the environment for future generations.

We are the catalysts, gatekeepers, moderators and managers sitting between what developers want, and what is sustainable, environmentally acceptable – or even environmentally positive. We stand between sometimes innocent development ambition and often unintended environmental harm.

Few businesses are genuinely able to change the world in which we live, but the McBains team creates, develops and applies both highly visible and less-visible processes to limit and lessen impact upon the environment.

We can also proudly claim to be one of the few leading consultants whose majority of profits go towards fighting pollution and climate change.

McBains is a part of RSBG SE, the patient capital investment arm of RAG-Stiftung. RAG-Stiftung is a foundation with the long-term public purpose to deal with the environmental and social commitments resulting from the closing of Germany’s hard-coal mining industry. RSBG SE’s mission is to generate sustainable funds for the foundation; so our work directly contributes to protecting the environment and fighting climate change.

McBains supports the highest environmental standards and is committed to ensuring ecological matters are given due consideration and high priority at each stage of the design and construction process.

Development demands the use of resources and energy; we help developers minimise those demands. What they construct and create has ongoing demands upon resources and energy, so we advise and even police sustainability standards. In some cases, we have devised solutions which have been adopted as industry standards.

That's not just the better way, it's the sustainable way.

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